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Under the leadership of Yamuna Zake, a master teacher of body sustainability, what began as singular dedication with focused hands-on body work, has evolved into a global brand with a network of over 450 certified practitioners and the attendance of over 2,000 holistic practitioners in Yamuna branded teacher training and workshops worldwide.

Today the Company is a leading source of education for teachers, therapists, and fitness instructors interested in expanding their knowledge in BodySustainability which can enhance their core expertise, and often lead to a longer term interest in becoming a certified Yamuna instructor.

Complementing this focus, the Company markets and sells a curriculum of exercises, and a proprietary line of body rolling balls for teachers, students, and studios. The Company also produces an exclusive line of beauty blends and therapeutic remedies which are distributed by luxury spas, boutique studios, and fine department stores.  

Foundations of Yamuna Body Rolling Teacher Training
 Coming Sooner Fall2023 in studio or virtual offering 

  • HOW DO I BECOME CERTIFIED? THE YAMUNA BODY ROLLING FOUNDATIONS CERTIFICATION TRAINING is the starting point for studying all of the Yamuna® modalities. This is a 9 day course combining a strong experiential approach to learning your anatomy along with the 25 years of experience gained through teaching and training practitioners in Yamuna Body Rolling.


    This certification uses the Anatomy U® program to guide the student through working each muscle to assure it is switched on. This means that you learn how to build each consecutive muscle in an area of the body and see the importance of each muscle in building the entirety of the body. Using your own body as your laboratory, your self-study brings a level of expertise in knowing how the body’s structure is put together. This makes you highly efficient in helping others problem solve and self-heal. Taking time to learn from your own body the logic and order that are possible when you put each piece back together gives you the tools to improve your work in whatever modality you are already using.

    The combination of Anatomy U and Yamuna® Body Rolling prepare you to teach all the basic lines of YBR to both group classes and individuals. In most cases basic YBR classes help people greatly improve their alignment, range of motion, and structural problems. When people need more help in problem solving, the strong anatomy knowledge gained from Anatomy U allows you to focus with more detail on the muscles which need to be worked with greater attention. The combination of Anatomy U and YBR also allow teachers to be much more flexible in their class offerings. Classes can be partial YBR with special focus on muscles in the area that are of specific interest.

    • Length: This is a 9-day intensive, 50 hour certification program. It is offered in 3 day sessions over several weekends. 

    • Times

      • Friday (Noon-6)

      • Saturday(11-6)

      • Sunday(11-6)

    • Dates

      • 1st Session: September 17-18-19

      • 2nd Session: October 15-16-17

      • 3rd Session: November 12-13-14

    • It is important that you study and practice in between the first, second, and third sessions.

    • Price: $2200 (Training manual included)

      • $1100 1st payment due at time of enrollment

      • $1100 balance payment due before September 1st

    • Product Requirement: 1 silver, 1 gold, 1 pearl, 1 set of black balls, 1 pump. These can be purchased thru The Pilates Body

    • Exams: written and practical exam ($150 payable directly to teacher trainer)
      *You must pass a one hour practical teaching exam which includes teaching a class and doing the required hands-on assists for the class. It is recommended that both teaching and written exams are completed within 1 year of finishing the teacher training program.


    • Proof of CPR. It can be done online.

    • Proof of malpractice insurance. Listing Yamuna Studio as additional insured

    • Signed independent contractors agreement


    • Anyone already trained in a specific modality and wants greater skills in assessing and problem solving and adding self-help programs into their existing practices.

    • This includes Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Dance, Martial arts, fitness instructors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths.

    • People who are looking for a career change and who have been healed through one of the yamuna® modalities and want to share this work with others.

    • Health and wellness coaches who want to add self-help modalities to help train people in self-help care.

    • Athletes who are interested in their personal best and who want to have the knowledge to help them prevent and heal their injuries.


    Employing Yamuna certified practitioners benefits your business by:

    • Grow your revenue thru Group Yamuna Body Rolling Classes

    • Grow your revenue thru Yamuna Body Rolling Appointments

    • Grow your revenue by offering an additional modality for clients to choose from

    • Grow your revenue thru increasing the knowledge and expertise of your staff


    At the core of Yamuna are several key concepts:

    • Direct bone stimulation – which improves the quality of bone and rids the bone of excessive impact.

    • Quality and alignment of bone- which determines the quality of muscle.

    • Muscles that need to be worked- from origin toward insertion.

    • The use of mild traction allows muscles and fascia to elongate and unwind.

    • Alignment of the bones first, and then work the muscles to improve bone alignment

    Yamuna is about deeply penetrating the body using a ball that allows your body weight to penetrate into a round form that is supportive and safe. The ball provides resistance so the body receives feedback and can respond. The complete portfolio of yamuna balls are used throughout the training (silver, gold, pearl, black). The black balls are used with Anatomy U, a visual tool which shows both the anatomy and how the ball is applied to it. While learning all the basic YBR routines the other balls are used. Getting comfortable knowing when to use which ball for each routine and client level is a priority throughout the training.


    • Elongates and assists in creating optimal space throughout the body restoring the range of motion in all joints.

    • Uses traction on muscles which creates space.

    • Reorganizes the body structure to optimize function.

  • Yamuna Body Rolling vs. foam rolling: 



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